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This is an archive of 2600+ Market Memos I wrote in 1966-2017. They’ve been scanned and saved as PDF files; some are better quality than others.

The 1960’s comments were done at Gerry Tsai’s Manhattan Fund; the ones between 1970 and July 7, 1980 at Putnam Management. (The lists are not complete.) Then, from July 23, 1980 through January 2017 I published weekly memos and special interim updates for institutional clients through Deemer Technical Research; that list is complete (both the really, really good ones and some that are, well, rather embarrassing). Most also include charts of individual stocks, sectors, and market indicators.

I created the archive so people could see what the market environment looked like to me at the time, and hope you enjoy them.

— Walter Deemer

P.S. My thanks to the Tabell family, who gave me the idea to create an archive of my memos, after they created a repository for their 1944-1992 Tabell Market Letters. Visit their site for more “real-time” market commentaries.


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